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soundCHECK 5 – July 30th 2009

Last month I blogged (a horrible word that sounds more suited to the plumber’s lexicon) about Falling Apart who have recorded a video for their new song, Nanny State. Despite their admirable proactivity, and with best intentions at heart, the results garnered are dubious to say the least. To say the most would probably contravene editorial guidelines and be promptly expurgated by The Journal’s beady word spies.

The band are playing at this Sunday’s annual South West Birdman Festival in Ilfracombe. An event which sees revellers hurling themselves off Ilfracombe Pier, attempting to ‘fly’ as far as possible before their inevitable plummet into the numbing cold of the Atlantic. Other confirmed live acts include Sonic Fusion and Deluded, though if a headline slot from The Wurzels doesn’t coax you to the Pier (one way or another), I guess nothing will.

The gig of the week occureth on Friday 31st (tomorrow) at Barnstaple’s Inn On The Square as Generator put on Little Comets and Elephants. Two out-of-town indie bands who are, like, really super good. It’s a treat to have them playing in our region. Support is from Pickpockets & Skyrockets and Sam Dowden. Doors are at 8pm, if you get there early it’s only £3, and 16+ are welcome. Go there.

Elsewhere it all gets a bit metal – a genre which, personally, I find terrifying. North Devon’s self-proclaimed Gothic Romance band, Vampyrouss, have recorded an album which is being released through Casket Music. In celebration, the band are holding an official launch party at the wonderfully ironic and very ungothic location of The Rising Sun in Newport, Barnstaple. It’s happening on 8th August, entry is free.

Sticking with the metal theme I was introduced to a new thrash metal band from North Devon a couple of weeks ago. It all got a bit Black Sabbath and I was informed that at their last gig the singer ate a mouse. Presumably it was gnawing away at the guitar leads and had to be dealt with. Horrifying, nonetheless. They’re called Gnar Dogs and are looking for a lead guitarist. Before I could enquire about the mouse-eating debacle in a vain attempt to find out why this was necessary, I found reason enough to mention them. All the money they receive from their musical shenanigans is donated to charity. Though, presumably not the RSPCA.

soundCHECK 4 – July

At the time of writing this I have just returned from T In The Park, and am suffering from the unique dissevered-from-the-world brain haze that only comes from eating nothing but festival burgers, drinking pint upon pint of beer, and having your brain immersed in very loud, very brilliant music for three days – rubbing shoulders with 80,000 other music fans.

My only link to life as it was before is the unrelenting mass hysteria ushered by Jacko’s departure which stoically refuses to, well, die. Not to miss their spot on the bandwagon before it careers into absurdity, North Devon’s modestly titled Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band have recorded a new song as a tribute to the king of pop.

The strange thing about this tribute is that it’s a cover a song by The Everly Brothers (All I Have To Do Is Dream). Quite what the link is to MJ is anyone’s guess, but presumably we’ll have to wait for Don or Phil Everly to meet their maker before The Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band smash out a cover of Thriller. Anyway, it’s on their MySpace.

If The Everly Brothers aren’t quite your thing and you like your music more terrifying, then Dissention are bringing their thorax-destroying Death Metal to Inn On The Square this Friday (24th). Or if such apocalyptic riffery and pummelling rhythms is all too much, then Universe Inspectors provide an accessible ska-tinged antidote.

Despite it being over twenty years since their inception, the band are new to MySpace and in desperate need of some friends lest they redefine cyber-loneliness. They’ve recently busied themselves with the production of a feature-length rockumentary, due for completion at the end of this month, which documents their career and gives a personal insight into what fuels the band. If you like your ska airtight and brash then give the poor boys a clicking and do that befriending thing.

The highlights of T In The Park? Blur, Glasvegas, Fight Like Apes, and Delphic. I’m off to drink about six gallons of coffee, which apparently is the only way to coax myself back to reality. Normal service will be resumed next week.