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soundCHECK 11 – September 10th 2009

Despite having a dubious facial hair arrangement (was he trying to look like Borat on purpose?), Idiosync’s drummer pulverised and impressed ear drums in equal measure with his airtight rhythms. Efforts that were negated somewhat by their relentlessly gyrating frontman who felt it more appropriate to airhump his way through the set rather than hit any notes correctly.

However, Idiosync were very awesome. It was a pleasure to see their national tour roll into The Rising Sun in Barnstaple the other week, as all who flocked there will testify.

At the time of writing I’ve just returned from three brain-mangling days at Leeds Festival. The real world has shunned my return and greeted my tattered brain with an empty bank account, a broken TV, and a to-do list that resembles those ancient scrolls they used to unravel in the old days that go on forever and ever. And ever.

Anyway, I digress. Fen Tigers have shot a new video for their song, White Noise. The song is quality. The video is nuts. Go to and watch a tiny lady jump into the singer’s shoe while he fights a wolf. That’s what I saw anyway, maybe the damage inflicted to my head by three days of drinking is more alarming than I thought.

You can watch the Fens live at Comic Book Heroes at The Riverfront tonight. As well as the standard free sweets, all attendees can enter a free draw to win a £20 iTunes voucher. Doors 8pm, under 18s welcome. Go there.

The best bands at Leeds? Radiohead! And…Dananananakroyd, Fight Like Apes, and Pulled Apart By Horses.

The latter were the last band I saw of the festival, playing a secret gig in a small tent. The singer cut his leg quite badly during the set, and by the end of the set the entire right leg of his jeans was soaked with blood. When the guitarist noticed and stretched out a hand for examination he presumably didn’t expect what was coming.

When he studied his hand, now a deep cherry red, he didn’t quite know what to do. He just stood there alternating his bewildered glare between his hand and the singer, who looked back and shrugged. The band then launched into a breackneck version of I Punched A Lion In The Throat. Perfect. Ultimate power!

soundCHECK 10 – September 3rd 2009

So. Muse eh? So proud is Teignmouth of nurturing such globally adored musical talent that they were tantalisingly close to scribing the words “HOME OF MUSE” on every “WELCOME TO TEIGNMOUTH” sign that marked entrance to the sleepy South Devon town.

The rock giants are Devon bound this Friday and Saturday to play two special gigs in their hometown. Though to call Muse’s live performances “gigs” feels a disservice akin to nonchalantly referring to Jesus Christ as “that nice beardy chap”. They’re life-changing musical events, as visually mind-bending as they are sonically.

But while the notion of shunning the glitz and glamour of more renowned musical locations in favour of cuddling up with your humble origins is a romantic idea, I don’t entirely buy it.

When Muse began attracting attention on a national scale with 1999’s Showbiz album, the three-piece openly slandered their hometown in national media, citing it as boring, full of old people, and lifeless. It even led to a falling out with the local council.

Anyway, it’s sweet to see that the years have healed their differences, and those who I know that have tickets usher a tsunami of jealousy which violently spurts from my emotion-tank. It’s gonna be awesome.

Those of you sharing my tickletless despair may seek some solace in Moving Target’s album launch party at Inn On The Square tomorrow (Friday 4th). While their name by default suggests that people are trying to shoot them, the cheeky indie four-piece are currently improving rapidly. Listen to the rabid pop of Hurricanes And Tidal Waves to get an idea of what they’re about –

Severe:Zero also grace the stage, a band that revel in live performance. While I almost want to break my own fingers for typing it, I hope they play their cover of Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. Played with such breakneck speed, unflinching precision, and celebratory light heartedness it could bring a smile to a face of stone.

A quick aside that I don’t have room to mention, The Noisettes are looking for unsigned bands for tour support, get on my blog for more at

And finally, the “HOME OF MUSE” sign project was canned once it was found that MUSE also stood for Medicated Urethral System for Erections. Clearly the town planners concluded that proclaiming their town to be the home of erectile dysfunction didn’t quite give out the right message.