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soundCHECK 18 – October 29th 2009

It’s Hallowe’en on Saturday. Most of you will either be preparing to shower minors with sweets in deference to their empty threats as they trick-or-treat their teeth away; desperately trying to squirm out of the icy clutches of fear long enough to batten down the hatches in a bid to stave off fiendish spirits; or trying hard not to laugh as you adorn your over-excited offspring with some preposterous Hallowe’en get up.

For those of you that don’t fall into any of the above categories, Generator Promotions are offering an appetising, though appropriately Hallowe’en-esque alternative.

Forego your fiendish endeavours and get to Inn On The Square where Locarnos, The Volt, 4 or 5 Magicians, and G. Rat And The Alley Cats are all performing a live musical concert for your aural and visual pleasure.

Counting The Futureheads among their growing legion of fans, and with recent high profile gigs supporting The Subways, The Volt’s strident brand of indie-rock-laced-with-Bluesy-goodness features a compelling vocalist and is custom-built to whip YOU into frenzied appreciation.

Meanwhile, apart from suffering from an apparent inability to confidently estimate crowdsizes, 4 Or 5 Magicians ply a quirky but infectious variety of lo-fi, feel-good indie, replete with highly literate and engaging couplets that cascade from vocalist Dan Ormsby’s mouth-bits.

Hallowe’en fancy dress is pretty much essential and, if last year is anything to go by, it will be a quality night. Doors are at 8pm, 16+, £4 on the door.

Exhibiting an admirable passion for getting linguistically creative, though with questionable results, are The Village Inn in Lynmouth who are jumping head first into the Hallowe’en spirit by hosting an “Open Fright Night” on
Saturday 31st. I’m assuming this is a cunning renaming of their standard “Open Mic Night”, and not an open invitation for revellers and wrong-doers to take it in turns to try and terrify a pub full of punters into a crippling fear.

Come to think of it that does sound quite fun, maybe I’m onto something…

Happy Hallowe’en!

soundCHECK 17 – October 22nd 2009

Local indie-rock rascals LOAD.CLICK.SHOOT! have died, aged 3.The news was officially released on the band’s MySpace profile last week.

It’s not news to make light of. They have long been one of Devon’s best underground talents and the-most-likely-to band of the area. But despite their boisterous art-rock mastery, the band have always flirted with a seemingly unquenchable urge to LOAD.CLICK.SHOOT! themselves in the foot.

Since the foetal band drew its first breath in September 2006, letting out an unruly wail as it released it, the band have endured numerous line-up changes, and have exhibited an ill-fate with drummers nearing Spinal Tap proportion.

Then there were the endearing blunders that seemed to follow the band like a maniacal groupie. A national tour of but one week saw one member hospitalised, and the entire tour thrown into jeopardy as they locked themselves out of their own tour van on the first night.

But LOAD.CLICK.SHOOT! have long been the most diligent and opportune band in the area. Over the years, their live set grew to be something of seismic force: an adrenaline-fuelled, Ritalin-dodging, boisterous symphony of blistering synths and scything guitar lines capable of whipping audiences into stupor.

Such a penchant for live performance, together with a catalogue of songs that was growing stronger seemingly by the week saw them develop a devout following locally.

But, if there’s anything they’ll be remembered for – apart from their unhealthy appetite for wearing terrifyingly tight 80s football shorts on stage – it’s their ambition and DIY attitude to getting out of their comfort zone and pushing their music outside North Devon.

Such proactivity led to a deal with Vacuous Pop – who discovered Foals, airplay on Radio 1, and kind words from national music publications including The Fly and Artrocker.

Fans are offered the chance to bid a final farewell on 5th November at The Riverfront Café, where the band will splatter the audience with Technicolor indie-rock noisebombs one final time – resurrecting some of the old cast and flogging a load of cheap merch in the process.

Until then, some solace can found in Moving Targets at The Riverfront tonight; Rough Cut, Los Canios, and The Yum Yums who play Inn On The Square this Saturday (24th); and Sam Dowden – who has an appropriately plaintive new song on his MySpace.

I’m going to go and have a cry now.