soundCHECK 26 – December 24th 2009

This Father Christmas character everyone’s talking about better be a creative problem solver.

For not only must he gently lower himself into my soot-laden chimney (not a euphemism), but he must also carry my loot (not a euphemism) with him. This won’t be easy. It’s a narrow chimney by the most generous appraisals, and my letter to him stipulated quite clearly that I wanted him to bring me two guitars (a Telecaster and a Jazzmaster).

Then there’s the fireplace to contend with, which is both small and sealed. It means his only exit into the house is through the narrow gap between the back of the fire and the wall it stands against. And being the portly, Christmas pudding of a man that he is, this could pose a bit of a problem.

Regardless of his unquestionable supernatural powers, I can’t help but think that the notion of Santa Claus delivering his presents down the chimney is a fallacy made up by parents looking for a get out clause that enables them to avoid upsetting children who have Christmas wishes that are a little too grandiose.

“You couldn’t have everything you asked for, darling. How would Father Christmas fit it all down the chimney?”


Regardless, new guitars are definitely not something that Little Comets need ask for. Their typically brilliant performance at Inn On The Square in Barnstaple last week featured a Gretsch guitar sound that was spangly and pretty and damn near perfect for their joyously mesmeric and intelligently delivered indie-pop.

Casting a cursory glance forward reveals more gig action for the re-energised Breaks Collective. If you’re stuck for plans in that always-awkward week between Christmas and New Year, head to Timepiece in Exeter on Tuesday (27th) to see them in action.

My parting thought is the hope that I don’t wake up on Christmas morning to a fireplace full of trapped and contorted St Nick. Still, with two guitars for company at least he could make the most of his time by writing some new Christmas songs to unleash upon us next year.

Happy Christmas.

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