soundCHECK is a weekly column in The North Devon Journal about local music. At least that’s what it’s meant to be. It has a habit of roaming nomadically off-topic. Here you can find every soundCHECK that’s ever been written – a compendium, if you will. These are the full-fat soundCHECK columns, with extra juicy bits that The Journal sometimes deem unprintable – for whatever reason. Most likely my shit journalism.

I don’t find it odd that I’ve devoted so many hours to soundCHECK. Being interested in what’s happening around you musically is just part of being into music generally. I’ve also been lucky enough in the past to get to know a few of the musical faces in North Devon, mostly through running live music clubnights and being in bands of my own. When soundCHECK started there was so much happening musically in North Devon that it deserved a commentary – and I wanted to contribute to that. And so it was that the first column was published on July 2nd 2009. I’ve written one every week since. Please rifle through the archives and get crazy with old bits of my writing.

Thanks for reading.

Jamie Harper

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